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Réalisations …2020

3tindustry4.0  Projet Européen

Connect and train professionals in education: teachers in higher education and industry trainers to Industry4.0 technologies to meet the needs of industry4.0

Cardemy Projet Européen</span

Cardemy is a two-year European project which will create an innovative and high-quality training content, where the acquisition of key skills for automotive industry workers are based…

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Création de chartes graphiques personnalisées, réalisation de masques et paramétrages, remise au format de présentations, lissage de slides, réalisation d’animations, insertions de sons et vidéos..

Meman-Project Projet Européen</span

The MEMAN project aims to modify the production models of the mechanical and metallurgy sectors in order to obtain a reduction of Energy consumption and flows…